update overbox movies and series (overbox VOD )

1- Download and install last version of OverBox VOD – Download

Install the app via flash memory on overbox device . if unsuccessful, uninstal old version then instal it .

2- download the last update .
3-unzip the file and copy  org,xbmc.kodi folder in a USB flash memory.

4-Open the ES File Explorer File Manager app (You can find it in Show all apps)

5-in the right side go to local and select your USB memory (usually is last item in local)

6- select and hold OK on the org.xbmc.kodi folder  then select copy icon in bottom icons set.

7- Then go to Local > Home > Android > Data

8- There is a folder with same name , replace  the new one  by select the  past icon in bottom icons set. (You give a confirm window to replace it click on OK )

9- after finishing the copy process turn off your device (unplug from power ) then power on  again .