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Bypass MAG box blocking

Please note: Infomir the manufacture of Mag boxes blocked us in all updates from Jan 2018, This is  a tutorial to flash your mag box to bypass it .

You need follow  this  steps  if  your mag box show  this  message after  adding our  portal  address :

1) Choose your STB model number from firmware download list , and download it .

2) Extract the downloaded file.

3) Copy the extracted folder to a USB flash drive.

4) Connect prepared USB-drive to STB socket.

NOTE: The USB drive must have a FAT32 file system format. If there is more than one partition on the USB drive, use the first one.
In case of update from bootloader, if your STB has more than one USB socket, a rear socket is used for the upgrade.

5) Launch the bootloader menu:
– Power off STB or use program reset (command Reboot device in System Settings);
– Press and hold on the Menu button on the Remote Control;
– Do not release the Menu button, power on STB (skip this item in case of program reset);
– Release Menu when Bootloader menu (blue screen) is loaded.

6) Select Upgrade Tools, open by pressing Right on Remote Control.

7) Select USB Bootstrap and confirm with OK.

8) Wait for updating finish, STB will be rebooted.

9) Disable auto update:

Load Embedded Portal
Select Settings
Select Software autoupdate
In Autoupdate select “Disabled”
Press OK to save the changes.