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How set up “OverBox IPTV” on Amazon fire TV

OverBox IPTV application can be used by overbox IPTV subscribers only.

Step 1: Download Downloader

First, we need to get hold of an app that will let us directly download the overbox IPTV app installer file. There are a few of these, but the one we’ll use is simply called Downloader. Install Downloader on your Amazon fire TV .

Step 2: Enable installing apps from unknown sources

The next part is where we get serious: enabling downloads of apps from unknown sources. By ‘unknown sources’, the Fire TV simply means any apps that are not from the Amazon Appstore.

This is an important security feature, but it needs to be disabled before you can install OverBox IPTV, as it’s not available direct from Amazon.

Select the nav tabs from the home screen by pressing up, and scroll right to reach Settings. From this menu, select Device. Next, pick Developer Options and you should see a sub-menu that includes the entry ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’. Select it, making sure it reads ON underneath.

Step 3: Enter the OverBox URL

Now go back to Downloader. On the app’s initial page you’ll see a white box into which you can type a URL. Select it and type in ‘https://overboxtv.com/apk‘.

Then install it .

Step 4: Login

Now oprn OverBox IPTV app and  enter your username and password which provided by overbox .

Enjoy +6000 TV channels  and popular Movies .


What is my username and password?

If you have OverBox m3u link and dont know what is your username and password, Extract your login like below image .