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Watch overbox IPTV on iPhone and iPad (ios) via “GSE Smart IPTV”

There are many ios apps which can play overbox m3u list . Some apps are not free. But we present a free and powerful app : GSE IPTV

You can download GSE Smart  IPTV   from app store

1-After installation open app and go to Remote Playlists from the app menu

GSE IPTV on ios

2- Tap on + icon

3- Select Add M3U URL

GSE IPTV on ios

4- Enter OverBoxtv in Playlist name

5- Enter the  link that provided by OverBox to you in Playlist link (Remove all the text in this field first then enter the link)

6- tap Add

GSE IPTV on ios

You almost done , just go back to Remote playlists and tap on OverBox and you can see the countries categories. Select your country and watch your Channel .

More informations

There are another apps that you can watch overbox IPTV channels with them in ios devices. Here a list of this apps:

GoIPTV – Price : Free

IP Television – Price: 1.99 USD